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Quick Links (more information...)

Welcome to the development wiki, home of the Swan replacement firmware project, and the S1 Tools project! In here, you can find lots of information about us, about the projects we carry on, and about the hardware we use to work with.

You can also contribute and add/correct any information in here, every edition is welcome. We were being very heavily attacked by spambots, so if you need an account to edit things, please request it on our IRC channel

The mailing list was taken offline. Please get in touch on the IRC channel if you are interested in joining the project, and we'll look into opening it again.

Get Started!

You have an S1mp3? Let us know about it!

Please, if you have an S1mp3 (see identify your player as S1mp3), help us fill out the S1mp3 device database!


You can check out who we are and what is our history at S1mp3 History

And where is all the old stuff?

This wiki is meant to be used to support development efforts, while our main focus on the end-user needs. To check find some of the old stuff that is to be moved there, check the Stuff that is going to moved

You might also be looking for Discontinued projects.