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Please, check out the Swan API Specification version 1.00

About the API Specification

This document is the “Swan Application Programmer's Interface (API) Specification” and is aimed at application programmers who want to know the specifics of how to interface to the Swan kernel. Please understand that it is not “A Beginners Guide to Programming”, nor is it the “Swan Kernel Specification”.

If you don't know what a nested loop is, you're probably not a programmer, and you will need to start by reading the nearest “Teach Yourself C” book. If you don't know what a void* is or cannot tell the difference between an char* and and char[], you're probably not a embedded programmer and should read up on the likes of “Pointers and References” including “Pointers to Functions”. If you're a seasoned programmer who just “hasn't touched C in years” we recommend: “C/C++ Programmer's Reference” ISBN: 0-07-212706-6.

If you want to know about memory allocation (malloc) headers and algorithms, RAM fragmentation, queueing algorithms, GPIO lines, I2C and other such "techie guru" details regarding the Swan kernel, you will need to read the “Swan Kernel Specification”.


  • Write the API code, based on the API Specification.

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