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Atj2093 pinout.png

This chip is used by the NanoComputer.

  • Port 0xEF = GPIO_B Config
  • Port 0xF0 = GPIO_B Output Enable
  • Port 0xF1 = GPIO_B Input Enable
  • Port 0xF2 = GPIO_B Data
  • Port 0xF8 = GPIO_E Output Enable
  • Port 0xF9 = GPIO_E Input Enable
  • Port 0xFA = GPIO_E Data


The AK1022 and CTW500 chips seem to be the same as the ATJ2093 chips.

Usb Ids

BROM ADFU lsusb output:

Bus 001 Device 009: ID 10d6:ff61 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd 


Example schematics for this chip can be found here

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