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This category groups all ATJxxxx family multimedia chips.

The torch advocated strongly that controls the chip series detailed introduction
Although Zhuhai torch strength chip model many, but its essence basic same (uses Z80 or Mips much), the partial models do not have anything to come out nearly on behalf of the product, some models are to dodge the intellectual property rights question to use the identical chip to name two models.

First, torch strength early time chip:

ATJ2073/ATJ2075 the early MP3 chip, is not very mature, needs Nor Flash. The support Flash type are not many, USB FullSpeed. Torch strength 208X series chip: ATJ2085 supposes haggles over the mature plan, may support the section code, the lattice, OLED, CSTN and so on many kinds of screens demonstrated that but by 1.5 in light-sized primarily, to 1.8 inches when already lacked the ability to do what one would like. Its going on the market then held the domestic market half of the country. The ATJ2087 essence with 2085 is the same, the opening more I/O mouths, support the SD card. ATJ2089 opens the IDE connection in 2087 foundations, supports the SD card and the micro hard disk. CTW500 is when 2085 will suspend production, Shenzhen plan company Bao Duan part of master control, and requests the torch strength to hit their model, its performance and 2085 same.

The ATJ2097 function fully pays entire MP3 to decode master control, supports 1.8~2.0 inch CSTN, the TFT colored tablets, moreover the USB connection promotes HighSpeed. 2097 divide into H and the N edition, the N edition for market in mainstream use product, both's SDK is different, Flash CE which supports (selects patches or strips of land as worth saving for seed quantity) differently. With are not many.

ATJ2099 and the 208X series is the same, similarly has supports the micro hard disk's master control product, but does not have what output. The above already did not adapt the development to suspend production.

Third, present mainstream:

What the true output is quite big is the ATJ2091 series and the ACU75XX series ATJ2091 reduced the SD card function in 2097 foundations, supports (standard plan which the colored tablet function original factory provides not to be able to support colored tablet, plan developer carries on explains may support light-sized colored tablet). It is also divides into H and the N two editions, divides into supports DRM and does not support the DRM two kinds. ATJ2092 is 2097 simplification editions similarly The ATJ2093 original factory issue's support colored tablet's plan, supports 1.5 inches colored tablets. Also has N and the H distinction, DRM and the non-DRM distinction, with few.

ACU75XX series

ACU7502/7503 ordinary dry cell battery, Duan Mahuo lattice screen. ACU7505/7507 ordinary dry cell battery, 1.8 inches below colored tablets. ACU7512/7513 lithium battery, Duan Mahuo lattice screen. ACU7515/7517 lithium battery, 1.8 inches below colored tablets. ACU7503 supports the low frequency crystal oscillator, ACU7515 supports 32K the RTC real-time clock.

Fourth, low end chip:

ATJ2051 supports SD card specially MP3 master control, manufactures non-Flash MP3. But the speed is slow. ATJ2053 improved the read-write speed. This chip already suspended production. ATJ2055 substituted for the first two chips, the performance has made the large promotion.

The ATJ2063 low cost plan, face the low end product, supports the dry cell battery, Duan Mahuo lattice LCD, multipurpose, in the vehicle carries on MP3.

AK1011 cannot support LCD to demonstrate that supports the dry cell battery, manufactures the least significant end MP3, is equal in ATJ2085.


Fifth, rare model:

ATJ2180/2181 does not have the official quantity to produce, The PMA300 torch strength hoped that starts in the manufacture from this model of chip high-end MP4, but is not successful, the product has not sold.

Sixth, other products:

ATJ2135 uses the MIPS essence, starts to develop the great size screen MP4, has quite many problems not to solve ATJ2137 in 2135 foundations, increases supports the GPS function, and with the domestic map manufacturer cooperation, promotes the product, promotes with 2135 same times. ATJ2139 BGA169 seal, The AK7101 torch strength subsidiary company, north torch thrustes the digital picture frame plan, supports bigger screen's MP3. The torch strength before the MP3 chip promotes also has many electrical energy surveys, the pager, the study and so on master control, here no longer makes 11 introductions.


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