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This is tutorial will teach you how to convert movies with subtitles to AMV, without using Virtualdub.

The idea is very simple. The tool "AMV Convert", from "MP3 Player Utilities 4.10" use the Windows Media Player (WMP) to convert movies to AMV (AVI to AMV, MPEG to AMV, RMVB to AMV...). With some filters (DirectVobSub or ffdshow), we can add subtitles to the movie. Others filters (TFM Audio Filter) can be used to regulate (normalize) the sound.

Needed tools

Warning: The "AC3 Filter" is reported not to work well with the AMV Converter, it's recommended to disable it.


  1. Make sure you have all the needed tools installed
  2. Download the subtitle of movie that you desires. (DirectVobSub suport SRT, SUB, SSA etc.)
  3. Save the subtitle in the same folder of movie, with the same name - exameple :
    "An Inconvenient Truth (2006) DVD-rip.divx.avi" - Movie
    "An Inconvenient Truth (2006)" - Subtitle
  4. Now to play movie with Windows Media Player. If everything is ok, the movie should be playing with the subtitles. S1Mp3.jpg
  5. Double click the DirectVobSub icon, located in the Taskbar (notification area).
  6. In the window "Property DirectVobSub -> Main -> Text Setting -> Font": Select font size 36 (it is a good size for s1mp3). Click Ok. S1Mp3 DirectVobSub.jpg
  7. Double click in icon TFM Audio Filter, in the Taskbar (notification area).
  8. In the window "Property" ajust audio level up (so the audio isn't too low after it's converted to AMV). Click ok. S1Mp3 TFMAudioFilter.jpg
  9. Close Windows Media Player. Click right the movie file and select "Start Video Transform(s)", to open it in the AMV conversor. S1Mp3 Start.jpg
  10. Now wait for it to convert and congratulations! You have an AMV with subtitles! See how it was very simple?!

Final results

Conversion: S1Mp3 transform.jpg

Converted: S1Mp3 amv.jpg

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