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Collection of software that is relevant/necesary for working with S1mp3 hardware:

Z80 Assembler/disassembler:

Hex editors:

C/C++ ide/compiler

SVN client

S1MP3-Specific Tools

  • s1giveio - windows console tool, gives interactive low-level access to any s1mp3 player, allows memory dumping, code uploading/execution, disassembling, ...
  • S1debug maintained by wiRe - S1MP3 debug tool, supports breakpoints, code tracing, debug output and more using the Debug interface instead of USB, similar to Dos Debug.
  • See also Category:End user programs

Reverse engineering

  • s1fwx - tool to dump firmware from player and extract/archive manufacturer's firmware files (download)
  • Driver's disassembler - utility to help in disassembling drivers from the original firmware.
  • FIB program that can search certain (ASCII and also hexa) patterns within an Manufacturer's firmware AFI file following the structure of its internal files.
  • Datotogra program which allows to load any binary file in graphical mode and draw each bit as a pixel on the screen.