How to decrypt manufacturer's firmware

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Actions has implemented a simple encryption for it's firmware files. And some firmware files comes on it's encypted state. Before a firmware can be modified or disassembled, it has to be decrypted first.


  1. Download S1fwx from the download tools page [1]
  2. Put the firmware you want to decrypt into a folder of your choice along with S1FWX
  3. Open command prompt and go to the S1FWX directory and type:
  4. C:\S1FWX>s1fwx l the_firmware_to_be_decrypted.bin
    this will decrypt the firmware and list its contents, the decrypted firmware will be called:$
  5. feel free to disasemble/edit it now

For decrypting the newer format

The new format is identified by the letters "3DU" appearing near the beginning of the file. When viewed in a hex editor, the first 16 bytes are 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 aa bb cc dd ee ff 75.