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New members

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Who we are

Name Experience level Tasks Working area Objectives/Interests in project
Ali1234 A few years of C and various scripting languages, HTML, databases etc. s1mulator developer. s1mulator Short term: To be able to fix dead players using Linux. Long term: To create games and plugins.
Carlos Aguilar (Kidscracker) electronic knowledge, 8086 assembler (8 years of assembler experience), C and other high level languages Kernel Design and Development API, Kernel module Start and Finish SWAN project ;)
CoderTux C/C ~ 2 years Graphics libraries s1mulator play tetris on the s1mp3 player
Ian Hawdon VB and Qbasic (once i have finished my exams ill look into C and C ) moderating the web site forum / writing documentation. Makeing UI (see UI module) UI module See an alternative s1 firmware that works on all players!
Legolas C/C language 6 years, can write some basic assembler optimizations, PHP some years s1ice sub-project, ATJ2085 wiki documenting, Balzac CMS ( framework) S1ice, Web module I would like to complete the s1ice project and to get into the main s1mp3 coding effort
LKRaider low -> PHP SQL ( mostly all my knowledge from re-coding ); MIPS assembly; medium-high -> DOS batch scripting; other automation scripting languages (bash, autoit, etc). if there's anything I can do. UI module take the most out of my MP4 player - specially adding new functions. Ideally have a s1mp3 in-house firmware that allows running and

developing new code.

Mateus Del Bianco C, JavaScript, PHP. Knows a little about 8051 assembly. Testing new stuff, website. Research module First Learn, learn and learn, then get my own little app's running on my own s1mp3.
Remboooo Z80 assembly, some embedded C for some ancient intel chips, and a one year course of C . Can also do PHP. Mainly firmware, but I'll also help researching the hardware and developing tool backends (I've never done GUI's). Awaiting email reply To get the mp3 player to do what I want it to! I hate the current firmware. Also, I've always enjoyed programming stuff for embedded systems, and I've got nothing much else to do in the coming holidays anyway.
ricardol Assembler, C and some high level programming languages. Microprocessors programming. ICE Tools developing and testing, Hardware mods if possible, and firmware and app developing. Also spanish translation of documents and site. API Learn, and develop a free firmware for this type of devices, help people with their players,

and have phun with it :)

Sprite_tm Misc: z80, avr, arm, pic, ... All of 'em in asm, most of them in C too. Hardware and low-level programming Loadram Hack the hell out of my little mp4-player until it does exactly what I want.
Wladston PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, Photoshop Maintain the web services running Resources Learn to program, and make some interesting applications for swan
User:CaptNemo C,C++, little of Assembly,HTML Maintain additional utilities for the player. Give new ideas. S1_LRC_Xtract Make a brilliant firmware for the player. Maybe run Wi-Fi on it.:)