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NanoComputer Dimensions

The Nanocomputer is a special standard type of s1mp3 manufactured by The Flying Electron Inc. It was conceived as a miniaturized computer that can execute easily-compiled applications from end users using the Nanocomputer SDK.

NanoComputer model NC1 Specifications

  • 2.0" 220x176 LCD display capable of displaying 65,536 colors
    • The LCD has a command set identical to the one found in this datasheet.
  • 1GB NAND chip
    • The flash chip can be either Samsung or Hynix. This datasheet can be used as reference when programming it. -- 1GB FLASH, 256kb per block, 2kb per page, 64 bytes extra space per page.
  • 5 front buttons
  • ATJ2093 or AK1022 chip
  • Case size : 43mm x 73mm x 9mm
  • board: ZX - 6033 - KEY REV:1.0, ZX-6033M-TLS REV: 3.0 (ZX-3402)
  • screen: JYD5099-080804-0010-D1-HLY
  • screen ribbon cable: GA200-0002FPC-A
  • screen side: GXBL200-024, HC200-38BR 080/12
  • battery: 043035 350mAh 3.7V

GPIO information

(for a port map, see Atj209x port map)

  • LCD:
    • The LCD backlight is controlled by GPIO_A2 (write 0x04 to turn on, 0x00 to turn off)
    • The LCD command/data is hooked up to GPIO_B5
  • Buttons:
    • MENU = VCC <--> GPIO_B2
    • PREV = VCC <--> GPIO_B0
    • PLAY = GPIO_B2 <--> GPIO_E4
    • NEXT = VCC <--> GPIO_E4
    • VOL = GPIO_B2 <--> GPIO_E5

Quick reference to the nanocomputer SDK

  • NC_CreateProject - creates a new nanocomputer project on the working dir
  • NC_CMD --install output/program - copies your compiled program to the nanocomputer
  • NC_CMD --run program - executes the program on the nanocomputer
  • NC_CMD --dir - list the programs present on the nanocomputer memory
  • NC_CMD --upload filename - copies a file to the nanocomputer (such as autoexec.bat)


  • should contain the string "RUN ApplicationName". No \r or \n at the end of the line
  • when autoexec.bat is in place, to turn on the nanocomputer, keep a button presses down while plugging in the USB.
  • application started with autoexec.bat will need usb accesses commented out, as these calls will probably block the application when there is no usb.

Using S1giveio with the Nanocomputer

This application can be used to put the NanoComputer into ADFU mode, so s1giveio can be used :

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