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October 2013 - Still alive!

Well, not much activity hapenning these days. Actions has stopped manufacturing and selling the original "v8" and "v9" devices, but you may now find MP3 players built around the ATJ211x ("v11") or the ATJ33xx (no version number decided yet). These still use the z80 based core but have different IO mapping, so s1giveio and the other tools won't work right. Research is ongoing.

Actions also releasd the ATJ22xx serries. These are much more powerful systems running uC/OS II on a MIPS core (32 bits at 450MHz). There has been some work towards reverse engineering these as well, and the software is much more standard. It seems some of the z80 players may also be using a version of uC/OS II.

February 2012 - Giveio for Linux

S1Giveio was finally ported to Linux. More people can use it and join the fun hacking around s1mp3 devices.

2008 - Developer gets hired to work on the project

Reynaldo, an open source expert was hired to work with us on the firmware development. The project will finally have its chance to take off!! Stay alert for more updates!

2006 - Wiki Restructuring

We are in the process of tidying up this wiki, wih the goal of making it easier for developers to find information. there are also a lot of old pages which need to be updated/moved.