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S1SDK is a Software Development kit for the S1 devices. It will soon be re-designed to fit the new API.


You can get S1SDK here.

How to operate

Open a console window and move to examples/[name of the example]/


- "zmake retrieve" : dump the flash (if you haven't done that yet during the installation).

- "zmake clean" : clean all files up.
- "zmake all" : build the example.
- "zmake complete" : build the example then move the created file (RECORD.AP) to the fw directory
                     and rebuild the firmware file for re-flashing purposes.
- "zmake install" : Just move and fix the file without re-creating it and rebuild the firmware file.

- Flash the "current_fw.bin" file located in fw directory with rdiskupdate, the usual way.

Note: if you which to restore your original firmware, 
      just flash the "original_fw.bin" file also located in fw directory.

Example programs

  • HexView - One of our first .AP programs, allows hexadecimal view of the internal memory
  • BROM extractor - AP that can extract BROM.

Problems Compiling

If you get errors when you are trying to compile the example files, try to move s1sdk folder to c:\s1sdk and copy (don't move) c:\s1sdk\lib to c:\s1sdk\lib\lib, so the files in c:\s1sdk\lib and c:\s1sdk\lib\lib are the same.
Also you must add in your PATH environment variable the location of the compiler and other tools (c:\s1sdk\bin).

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