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The S1 Tools project is a loose collection of tools for working with S1MP3 players, with are not readly available elsewhere, and is maintained and hosted by the s1mp3.org team.


  • S1SDK - old, non API compilant SDK.
  • Loadram maintained by Sprite_tm - Live code testing tool - Load and execute Z80 code on your S1mp3
  • S1mulator maintained by Ali1234 - S1mp3 emulator on the computer, allowing fast development of code/user interface
  • Z80Emu maintained by Bluechip - Z80 CPU core emulator.
  • S1ice maintained by Legolas558 - Understanding the ATJ2085 ICE interface and developing a proper software, this project will allow everybody to recover their dead s1mp3 player (you can currently trash it if something goes wrong with certain parts of the transfer during the firmware update)

Check Development tools for other interesting software relevant to S1mp3 programming

Sample programs


See our list of releases.

Source Code

Warning: This will not work yet, as we are currently migrating th code from our old repository

The source code of these tools is available from our SVN repository. To check out the entire S1 Tools tree using the command line svn tool, do the following:

svn co svn://svn.s1mp3.org/s1-tools/trunk

For more information and help about using SVN, please see repositories.