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Quick site map

Site Specifications


Mission of organization : Enable users to have full and complete use of their s1mp3 player. We will provide the necessary information for users to know how to use, modify, install our new firmware, fix and hack their s1mp3.

  1. provide support to known problems (recovery guides, faqs, basic user guides, how to change the button config, how to fix static problem, etc.)
  2. provide information about s1 products and how to use then (s1fwx, s1res, and all the others)
  3. provide various resources and extensions for the s1mp3 (fonts, images, animations, etc), to be used with our products
  4. inform users how to perform hacks to their s1mp3's.


  1. users who killed their players and wish to recover
  2. non techie users who like to customize and want to learn how to use the s1 products to modify text/graphics on their s1mp3/mp4 players
  3. users who like even more to customize and would like to hack their s1mp3/mp4 players(memory chip, battery, firmware, casing)
  4. users who have s1mp3 players and don't know how to use them / are having problems using them


  • Audience shall feel secure about modding/fixing/hacking the s1mp3, and also be encouraged and enthusiast about being part of the s1mp3 Community.
  • Design must support Modem connections, poorer audiences, and few tech knowdlege audience (althought these aren't the promary focus)
  • To achieve those goals?
    • Translation to various languages
    • Good-revised, end-user focused guides and tutorials with various screenshots and photos, with simple language.
    • Simple and straight-foward site structure

Special technical or functional requirements

  • full dynamic content management (Balzac)
  • translating system, that alerts team of new changes, easy creation of new languages
  • dynamic firmware table
  • dynamic galleries for artworks
  • dynamic feed/news system
  • dynamic FAQ system