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I'm going to explain how this player is build on the example of ergotech u22, which is a S1mp3 player. The player consists of two circuit boards.

LCD board front


  1. LCD screen, with connector (fragile!)
  2. Volume Up button
  3. Play/Pause and On/Off button
  4. Volume Down button
  5. Red backlight component wire
  6. Green backlight component wire
  7. Blue backlight component wire
  8. Backlight ground wire - you can dim backlight by soldering the resistor in the middle of this wire

On the backside there is nothing interesting, just circuits and one screw

Main board front


  1. Philips TEA5767 - FM tuner
  2. Joystick - left, rght, select
  3. 3,5mm jack
  4. Microphone

Main board back


  1. Memory chip: HY27UF08?G2M (hynix) OR K9??G?????, more here
  2. Main processing unit: ATJ2085
  3. USB connector