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For information about specific players, please see S1mp3 device database. See also the different "types" of s1mp3s.

List in alphabetical order:


  • ACORP Sold in Russia and possible other countries. Provides MP4 and MP3 players and other.
  • AIO Provides Range of elecronic devices including MP4 and MP3 players and video camcorders. They provide firmware for all their players. These are confirmed s1mp3 players. (Thailand Company)
  • ANDY - Used to be sold (or are still being sold) at Mexico. This brand produce Player w/Camera and Type C players, possibly some others.
  • APOD - broken link to download firmare
  • ASKA Sold by portuguese "Staples Office Center" shops.
  • ASTONE The ASTONE Samba AV is an S1 MP4 player
  • Aukfa Range of MP3 & MP4 players, no firmware downloads on site. Company contact details available.
  • AISHON Qingdao Aishon Technology China [Chinese website] MP3 & MP4 players based on Actions, Sunplus and Sigmatel solutions. MP4s are mostly Actions 2085 based and firmware is provided for all players on site. Provides after sales support and warranty.
  • ATMT Sold by Amazon UK
  • AXXON Rox - sold in Israel, Morestar-v1.1 05.4.25 board, Wilson firmware
  • AXXION - sold in Croatia, 1 Gb model: AXXION-632R, production date Aug 2006; 6083238
  • ADMIRAL - sold in Argentina. There are 256MB, 512MB and 1GB models.
  • AVS - sold in Hungary, the NanoBlade series (available in 512MB and 1GB versions) are confirmed S1MP4s, the PCMate series are suspected S1MP3s.


  • BAK
  • Biwin Drivers and Firmware downloads. Unconfirmed S1mp3 (If you can confirm, these as S1mp3 please post in talk:S1mp3 brands).
  • Blueberry, sold in Serbia. There are 512MB, 1GB and 2GB models. Available in dark gray - black only.
  • Bluevision, sold in Holland & Belgium, site up since april 13 2007 (not much info on site, may change after a while).
  • BT (Brilliant Top technology),Sold in Serbia. 512 MB, 1GB and 2GB models. Available in Black and White.
  • ATMT sell their MP130 lite which is an S1mp3 player ..sold through Amazon UK is a variety of colours.
  • BMS (BMS|expert) in Lithuania, almost all types of s1mp3
  • Büntz, sells MP3 players, home cinema systems, stereos etc. in Romania
  • BestBuy, sell this MP3 Player
  • BLUESKY, a second brand of Carrefour


  • Canyon-Tech MP3 & MP4 players + firmware download for most of the players. Also provides players without LCD, but without problems.
  • Clatronic German company, better known for it's white goods but sells also MP3 players. MMS 677 and MMS 678 are S1mp3. (german site)
  • CnMemory German company, these are being sold in the UK too.
  • CROWN sonic (also Crownsonic) Range of MP3 & MP4 players, mainly sold in Taiwan.
  • Centon Electronics, Inc. US company. Provides user guides, PC drivers and firmware updates on it's website.
  • Crypto S.A. Greek company, sold in Bulgaria too. Drivers and user guide are provided, though its website is poorly designed.
  • Crypton sold in Serbia
  • CAT sold in Serbia with drivers and documention but have no support or firmware upgrades.
  • Chempros Chinese company. Provides a lot of devices including MP3 and MP4 players.


  • Dantrak Net 1 model available in 2 colours.
  • Delstar Distributed through Belk's department stores.
  • Diablotek Found at TigerDirect.com NC outlet store
  • Dick Smith Electronics DSE A2439 New Zealand. Currently a bank is giving them away [1] PROMOTION OVER
  • Diel - Chinese brand
  • DNT.de Sporty5 Productinfo and Firmware download
  • [DIGIQuest] DMTF17
  • Dodo Australian brand. No downloads apparent on site. Given away too their internet subscribers. (Dodo is a ISP)
  • Darfon Electronics Corp.Their iPod Nano clone based on Actions MP-Ki does not even appear. USB ID 0d62:001d, and 10d6:1100 for Actions FW.
  • Diva LIGHT Sold in Bulgaria by Daisy Multimedia. I've seen models up to 1GB, with FM radio and in many colours - Red, Blue, White etc. The design is standard.
  • Dunlop MP4 player branded Dunlop, but according to manual produced by Dangaard Collections. Available with (D-MP6414R) or without FM-radio (D-MP6414) and with 128/256/512/1024/2048 MB flash memory. Sold in Estonia and other nearby countries.
  • dual
  • D-WAVEBrand of Empire Audio.Range of MP3 & MP4 players, mainly sold in Europe.
  • DAEWOO ELECTRONICS Corp. CHILE Chilean site of DAEWOO ELECTRONICS. Firmware, manuals, & utilities avbiable here.


  • Ebest24 Wholesale MP3 Players and MP4 Players + USB Hub+FM Transmitter for europe and america
  • EasyTech/e-Tech MP3 and MP4 Players + firmware download (Singapore Company - nano clone).
  • Element Electronics
  • Elenberg A trademark of Eldorado company, russian electronics countrywide seller. No firmware, no download section.
  • Ergotech B&W/color MP3/4 players, USB devices, firmware to download.
  • Eurolab (?? - nano clone).
  • Exim pendrive and MP3 player with SigmaTel chip. And with LINE IN jack!!! Some firmware here: [2]. Colours: red, blue, silver, black.
  • EZcool MP3/MP4 players.
  • Explay MP3/4 players, firmware to download.
  • Exigo Technologies MP3/MP4 players.





  • icool (brand under parent company - Shining Soft Co. Ltd).
  • IItronics (Brand distributed by INOVIX (shared web site)).
  • Infinity OEM suppliers of Mp3/4 players. Infinity & Neutral are their 2 listed brands.
  • INOVIX Technology LTD.
  • imc.international manufacturing corporation ltd
  • I-TEK (Bought through DeRemate Argentina, 256MB)
  • i-m8 Media Player -(also im8) 2Gb Media Player - sold in Australia. Interface is virtually unusable. Be warned. Instructions provided are unclear (poor English translation).
  • iWin (iPod Clone) Unknown company, generic user Manual, without website or any kind of support address or telephone number. Good sound, bad video (tiny screen, low resolution, only AMV compatible), FM Radio. 1 or 2 GB. Firmware: Wilson Co. Ltd. 9.0.43 . Found at Spain.
  • iPola
  • iQ SOUND (iPod Clone) 256M SC-920FM/SC-920 FM: generic user manual, definitely S1 player. used s1fwx to examine its firmware. Version 3.5.37 says manufacturer is Wilson Co. Ltd. If player works, do not disturb, though s1res can be used to edit images
  • Ixtone http://ixtone.ua
  • IRT Chilean Brand. MP3 & MP4 generic technology (RockChip, Actions, Sigmatel) No support firmware


  • Joy Fly (Austrian Brand)
  • Joypod
  • jiaxin jx-801 128mg – 2gb with/without radio (Uses Wilson Co. Ltd. firmware).
  • J-win
  • Jagga


  • Kangaroo Solutions (FM Radio)
  • K-Byte MP3 player (Chinese brand), MP-482C/Main v13 board, with FM radio.
  • KingMax Mp3 Player (Hebrew), Diffrenet Look, FM Radio.
  • [3]Kingzon sells quite a few different types of players, click on downloads/manuals for images.



  • Mach Speed Trio ph. 580-332-8877, fax. 580-332-6659 Buy.com Buy.com Offers Mach Trio MP3 players such as the Mach 2GB player. s1fwx.exe was used to confirm that the Mach 2GB version is a version of the S1MP3.
  • Masintek
  • MAXSPEED Unconfirmed S1mp3 (If you can confirm, these as S1mp3 please post in talk:S1mp3 brands).
  • Memup French brand, some firmware and other downloads available.
  • Merlin (Uses Wilson Co. Ltd. firmware).
  • Microdia iRock 5-in-1 MP3 Player - 128MB, 256MB, 512 MB, 1GB and 2GB models.
  • Microlab Chinese brand.
  • Mijuki, Standard 128/256/512/1024MB MP3 Players and 1GB MP4 Players. Package seems to be manufactured in Argentina by a redistributor. Sold in Argentina.
  • Monde-Tech.com, Offers 1GB to 4GB MP3 Players and MP4 Players.
  • MPMAN Apparently produces the Fast-Trax brand. Many firmware downloads with reset feature on new range of players.
  • MRV, The telbook doesn't work with any version. Sold in Paraguay.
  • MediaSonice (can not find any website or infomation about product) maybe MediaSonic ?
  • Mercury, 128/256/512MB Standard Mp3 Player with FM voice recorder, also telbook
  • MOBI
  • MP Craft 256/512mb classic MP3 player. Sold in Hong Kong.
  • MP4 Digital Player (Generic Name), mp4, amv compatible, 4Gb flash memory, sold in Spain.
  • Mpower A family of S1MP3 players with memory sizes 256MB up to 2GB sold in Poland.


  • Nashi A mp3/4 player brand sold in australia. no known site.
  • Neo Electronics A Bulgarian company that sells S1 and Mp4 players. Also sold in Serbia. No firmware available yet.
  • Neonumeric A french company that sells the NM1 and NM2 s1mp3 players
  • Newman A chinese company that sells a variety of S1MP3 players. No firmware that I could find.
  • NexxTech A branded version of S1 MP3's sold by The Source by Circut City. (Canada)
  • Nseco Simple mp3-players. ID'xxx' names - S1MP3-firmwares
  • Neo Security A Brazilian company that sells S1 and Mp4 players. Firmware and Drivers at the site.
  • NJoy Tech Chilean Brand MP3 & MP4. No firmware support abviable.


  • Orient [4]
  • oasis-media (no site found)
  • Odys Atleast the MP3-S5 is a S1mp3 (german site)
  • Omina
  • OrangeCool Their site seems to have firmware ("Upgrade" button at the right) for their players, but the links aren't "clickable".
  • Orb brand manufactured by OEM maker SHENG HSIN.
  • ONN MP3 player,Model M890-53/512 Produced for Asda Stores UK ltd (Walmart in the UK) Uses ACT_V3.0.42 Firmware type No pic on Asda website....
  • Optimus
  • OnixSold in Australia. I can't confirm whether any players on site at the moment are s1mp3, but their older players are.


  • Pepsi A 128 MB player that cannot be bought, it can only be won in an advertising campaign performed by Pepsi in Russia
  • Pocketmedia Swiss company Pocketmedia sells e.g. the PM-20
  • PowermanPowerman players offsite, most present in Russia
  • POWERPACK - their MP-558 is a S1MP3
  • Powershop - They sells various MP3 players and MP4 players
  • Punktal PK-Mp256 is a s1mp3
  • Comet Proline this player is sold by Comet (Darty) in the UK in the 256Mb,512Mb and 1Gb sizes
  • Power Up - Sold by tigerdirect.com 1GB
  • Philco MP2007 2GB (is there any website?) mp3 player/pendrive with 7 colours display, FM and phonebook
  • Players , a not original brand name for a MP3 player/pendrive sold in Argentina. 1Gb, 7 colours, FM & phonebook
  • Prixton Relatively unknown company, generic user Manual, with pretty basic website without any kind of support address or telephone number. The user manual from the website is not accesible. The only "MP4" they sell, exact same as Inovix iMP 5500. Only AMV compatible, FM Radio, 2 GB. Firmware: Wilson Co. Ltd. 9.1.50 . Found at Spain.


  • Qware BeatZkey! Pro
  • Quadro MP3 and MP4 players, mostly sold in Croatia
  • Quart M-410 1GB MP4 player


  • Recco, chilean brand exclusive to department store Falabella, also sold in Argentina.
  • Retail Plus+(No mp3 players on site, no response to email)



  • Tom-Tec
  • TopSellings Wholesale computer accessories and MP4 Players + USB Hub+FM Transmitter for europe and america
  • Tamashi (aka Socrimex International SA), France Product line and specs PDF. The player line is MKB (256/512), KSB (256/512) and KXB (256/512/1024). KXB series is sold with MP3 Player Utilities 1.47. Bundled firmware is "1504_nofm1_HynixPatch_V3045_1022.fw" Wilson V3.045.
  • topstore Sells Nice MP3/MP4 Players to europe and america
  • TI Electronics Limited (Hong Kong) (no relation to Texas Instruments) Online problem report submissions, some driver downloads.
  • Titan.
  • Tiwell Assistant MP3/4 players, firmware?. (Found in Ukraine)
  • Toprid - MP3/4 Player SD1109, 512MB, 1.5" LCD, AMV video support, Wilson Co. Ltd. firmware, sold in Croatia
  • Trak Electronics Poland ltd. Polish brand, manuals, firmware and driver downloads. No details on where to buy this brand yet.
  • Treo
  • Tripper F100 Nano clone MP3/MP4 player comes with firmware upgrade CDROM in the sales package
  • Trutech (Target Stores)
  • Tsinghua-Novel Chinese Brand.
  • TWF Audio Model G1 (1GB). Sold as a special in Sainsburys.
  • Typhoon Sold by Anubis Electronic GmbH,Germany.No Firmware,drivers or manuals for S1.


  • United USB MP3+FM players and MP4 clones, sold in Europe.
  • UETECHNOLOGY German/Chinese Brand. Mp3+Mp4 , Firmware, Tools
  • UXCELL Wide range of different models including the i-clip. No download section apparent. See Uxcell for more information.
  • uziing.com Toy'R'Us Music Download (Scandinavia). MP3 players of this brand can be bundled with MP3 downloads.
  • TREVI Italian brand which solds various S1MP3 players such as the MPr-156x Series


  • Veho UK Web site incomplete. Standard 1/2Gb players retailed via several websites (e.g. eBuyer). Only provide basic documentation but reference this site for full documentation.
  • Visual Land Large selection of players, no firmware downloads apparent on site.
  • Veracity Large selection of MP3 and "MP4" players plus flash card readers, bluetooth headsets, thumb drivers; skimpy selections of downloads, nothing about my model -- a MP770 (1G w. FM). Firmware save listing reports 'Wilson Co. Ltd.' as the manufacturer.
  • Vortex, sells MP4 players, TVs, air conditioners etc. in Romania



  • Wilson Co. Ltd. (the link doesn't work)The main company producing S1MP3 products. Downloads in Chinese only.

Also branded as Laser MVP (Multimedia Video Player) in Australia and New Zealand


  • YGSM distributor's download section, has drivers, tools and firmware (for Type D).


  • Z-Cyber (brand under parent company - Zoltrix International Ltd.) Some driver downloads & support page.
  • Zen Korea Technology
  • zicplay ZicPlay / VIZIO (and most likely other players offered by this swiss company)
  • Zolid Aldi Europe, sold some that looks and feeels like s1mp3s, quite sure, but cant tell for sure. EDIT: ZOLID is a sigmatel chip, no s1mp3s.
  • Z7[5] Zeutronics Co. Ltd. MP4 Player with firmware S1MP3 model Z7, sold in Europe and Latin America.
  • Zepo (Sold on E-bay)