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If you want to join the team please contact us via the mailing list.
We are always recruiting for both technical and non technical roles.

What we would like to make :

On boot

  • An AP that will check for a config file that describes the hardware (OLED/LCD type, key mapping and the likes) and that creates one if it can't find it, by processing user input. Example:
    • Device boots, and it doesn't find a config file, so it tries to create one.
    • Display configuration: It tries to display "If you see this press a button" for 5 seconds using every display driver available. When the user presses a key it writes the display driver to the config file.
    • Keymap configuration: Now that we have visual communication with the device we can use that to configure the keymap by printing "Press button X" (and the user should press that button, d'oh) [more by ian_hawdon: The key mapper should ask for a key for 5 seconds each. (in case the key it is asking for doesn't exit on that player!)]
    • Etc

--Codertux 09:22, 26 April 2006 (CDT)

  • Language setting


  • Items in menu:
    • Playback mode (sub menu to Music Player Mode, Movie Player, Recording Playback)
    • Record
    • Radio
    • Add On
    • Settings

Music Player Mode

  • "read-ahead" cache feature in order to avoid annoying gaps between tracks - let's say no-track-per-track-but-continuous-play. {Is the ATJ2085 chip powerful enough to cope with buffering with two tracks? [i think more info is needed on that as even apple's iPod has gaps between tracks (athough it is a lot shorter!)]}
  • This should not be an issue in a flash based machine. For true gapless playback, you must consider your MP3 ENCODING options...BC See newsgroup for details
  • File brownser - be able to select a file with the >> and <<. while the music is playing (like on ipod).


  • Implement all the record features available in the chip.


  • Auto-hide when the FM chip is not present
  • Record to MP3 (or OGG)
  • recording formats will be dictated by the harvard codecs available to us --BC
  • RDS (radio text) support --Legolas558 17:30, 7 May 2006 (CDT)

Supported music playback formats

  • WAV (if anyone wants lossless music)
  • MP3
  • OGG
  • FLAC
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio format)
  • RA
  • RAM (real media)
  • which of these are confirmed? ...BC

Supported video playback formats

  • AVI (lossless videos)
  • Current MTV and AMV formats
  • MPEG
  • RA
  • RAM (Real Media)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video format)
  • dolby
  • which of these are confirmed? ...BC
    • i have resorted them in the probable order of developing, and I would delete WMV --Legolas558 17:32, 7 May 2006 (CDT)


  • Picture Viewer
  • Games
  • TelBook
  • Text Viewer
  • Application Manager - User coded apps loaded into drive-ram and can execute from here?
  • Unless you see the plugin as a special feature (such as Picture Viewer) ...please do not fill this list up with such as 'list of games I'd like to see', unless you are prepared to code them ;) ...BC

Wireless Communication

  • make a player communicate with another, using a small fm transmissor atatcched toguether with the headphones - this open fields for a wide range of ideas
  • attach a IR sensor on the s1mp3 and allow it to be a (universal) remote controller


  • Random order mode to go through different folders
  • Shuffle order : create a scrambled virtual playlist based on the ordered list and play this virtual playlist
  • Key Combination for instantly turning off back light (or dim OLED)
  • Credits mode (to give credit to us (the developers!)) [Maybe an egg?]
  • Support for the FAT16, FAT32, EXT2 and/or EXT3 file systems
  • support all units it works on
  • Maybe a key mapper program activated on first boot and saved in a config file? (No more editing the ky_hard.drv type files)
  • Are we to just add whatever we all like here, or should we be agreeing a set of features on the newsgroup and nominating a single "user docs" moderator? ...BC
    • The set of approved things are on Swan Proposal. I see no problem here being a place where people can post their expectations - at least for a planning-pre-alpha stage...