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About S1mp3

S1MP3 (sometimes also: S1 mp3) is a name used to refer to a broad group of digital media players powered by Actions Semiconductor Ltd's(link) digital media processor chips. This processor provides all of the features of a digital media player in a single chip(photo), known as a "System on Chip" or SoC(link). The simplicity of SoC designs in general (almost no external components needed, everything is in the chip already), and particularly Actions' chips, has lead to a flood of manufacturers producing digital media players with a wide variety of case designs, screen types and other features. Many of these players use the same programming routines and often have very similar user interfaces. Specifially, "S1MP3" is used to refer to MP3 players based on Actions' ATJ2051 and ATJ2085 CPUs, as well as some players which use a chip marked AMP2085, which appears to be an exact copy of the ATJ2085.

S1mp3s are sold branded under various different names(link), or unbranded. A few are sold using counterfeit trademarks(link) and designs such as Sony or iPod. The S1mp3s are very cheap, and because of this, they are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, From Brazil to Bangkok, From Israel to Italy.

Two different basic types exist. The first type is audio only and may include extra features such as voice recorder, FM radio and a simple address book. The second type devices have a larger colour screen and are capable of playing small videos. This second type is usually sold and referred to as "MP4 Players."

Identify your device as an S1mp3

If your player looks like one of known s1mp3 types(link) there is a high chance that it is an S1mp3 player. However, some manufacturers have used the same casing for players based on a Sigmatel (Sigmatel) chipset, which has similar functions but is an incompatible multimedia SoC.

You can be sure your device is an s1mp3 if:

  • S1fwx or MP3 Player Update Tool can connect to it.
  • Windows detects it as an "Wilson co. ltd. S1mp3 player"
  • Windows detects it as an "ADFU device" (in this case see the dead recovery guide [link] )
  • When you open the case(link) there is an ATJ2085, ATJ2051, ATJ2087 or AMP2085 chip inside.