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The development efforts of the s1mp3.org team are focused on the Swan project (link), which aims to completely replace the S1mp3 firmware with an open source alternative. This will allow users to add any features they can imagine.


Apart from Swan, we are also working on the following supporting projects:

  • S1mulator: To create a simulator environment capable of running S1mp3 applications on desktop PCs.
  • S1giveio : To be able to debug programs and directly on the s1mp3, and upload testing firmware/binary.
  • S1fwx(link): Utility to manipulate manufacturer's firmware files.
  • S1ice(link): To reverse engineer the low-level in-circuit emulation/debugging command set used by ATJ20xx CPUs.

Join us!

If you would like to be a part of the development of Swan or any other sub-project , please subscribe to the mail list (link) and introduce yourself. Further documentation on the development process can be found on the wiki (link)You can also find the developers on the #s1mp3 channel at freenode (link)