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Hardware Questions

Where can I find a spare glass?(the one who protects the LCD screen)

You can try to order a real glass in a jewelry store. Or home-brew a hard plastic from other sources.

Can I replace the internal rechargeable battery?

(LINK to battery related Troubleshooting item)

Where can I find a replacement USB cable?

Please take a look at the USB cables page.

What are the best headphones for my player?

The earphones supplied with many portable music players are usually of quite poor quality. If you are considering using alternative or better quality earphones/headphones, one very important consideration is the impedance of the replacement phones.

Basically - the impedance of the earphones should be matched to the impedance of the amplifier output stage of (in this case) the s1mp3 portable MP3 player. The impedance of most s1mp3 based portable music/audio players is 32Ω (16 ohms per channel) but you should check your documentation and select replacement phones to match the impedance of your particular player/original phones.

Using the right impedance, you will get better quality, and best range of volume.

Can the s1mp3 can recharge the battery while it is connected to PC??

If you player has an internal rechargeable battery, it will include a special internal circuit to do that.

If your player does not have this circuit, you best recharge your batteries on proper chargers to avoid accidents. However, there is a wiki article that explains how to make a simple circuit to drive power to the batteries(link).

Firmware modifications

Is there a firmware update for my player?

First: If your player works, keep it that way : don't update!!

"Updates" don't exist for the S1mp3 player, there are just a lot of different versions of the same firmware. But not all versions work with all boards. Each firmware is made especially for one board type, so if you update your player with a wrong version, it dies!

Can I add OGG support by updating my firmware?

On theory, yes. But it's definitively not advised to do that, since the chance of having a bricked player is BIG. If you are sure you want to risk your device, I suggest taking a look at the "dead recovery guide"(link missing) to check the problem that you might face ahead, as well as information on how to find a firmware that could work on your device.

How can I change my player's interface with cool backgrounds/texts?

For that, you'll have to extract your player's firmware with s1fwx. then you can unleash the awesome power of s1res on your extracted firmware. S1res allows you to change ANY part of the user interface of a firmware, including menu pictures. Where all the pictures are hidden changes from firmware to firmware, so you'll have to look for yourself (but UI30.res is always a good place to start)

WARNING: ALWAYS keep an UNMODIFIED, UNCHANGED backup of your extracted firmware, just in case something goes wrong. (And, remembering Murphy's law: it _will_ go wrong)

Can I modify equalization presets with a different response curve?

This may be possible somehow, but we still have no idea on how to do it. If you

have some information on it, please email!

My player only has one color back light, can I upgrade my firmware to get more colors?

No, you can't. The multicolor players have three different back light LED.

These are colored Red, Green and Blue. The different colors are made by combining the LED's in different ways (EG: Red+Blue gives Pink/Purple).

The one-color players only have one back light LED, so they cannot combine colors. The LED's are inside the The LCD board. If you don't have the LEDs (the multicolor devices have tree of them, while the single-color players only have one) on your hardware, there is no way to add them!

How can I add the FM Radio function?

(link to the tshooting)

Does the s1mp3 player support playlists? Maybe by firmware update?

Unfortunately, no. The s1mp3 player does not support playlists, not even with firmware upgrades. Remember, it is still cheap chinese import, no high tech iPod nano.

With future development of Swan(link), this feature will be possible.

Project/website question

What are all those .7z files?

.7z is the extension for 7-zip(link).

7-zip is one of the most powerful compressing programs you'll find, and, best of all: It's open source. You can find the official 7-zip program at www.7-zip.org(link)

If you want to use something else: winrar also extracts 7-zip.

How can I help with the project?

You can help the project in many ways. The easiest is clicking the banners :)

Please, send a message introducing yourself to the mail list . Tell any of the skills you might have(C, embedded programming, HTML/Web, scripting, etc...), and say you wish to help. LOADS of work will be waiting you! ;)

Of course, you could also visit our forums(link) or wiki(link) and help out there ;).

Is there a forum or a chat group?

We maintain a web based forum(link), a mailing list(link), and an IRC channel(link). The mailing list is for development purposes ONLY, support questions there will be ignored. For support, see the forums(link)


What is the difference between actions s1mp3 players (with ATJ2085 or ATJ2075), and the Sigmatel STMP35xx?

Not very much, in the way that they both play music. Sigmatel claims that the atj2075 and 2085 are copies of their SMTP25xx series, and has even filed a lawsuit against them! Apart from the different looks, they have totally incompatible firmwares, and (some of) the Sigmatel players have a slot for an extra Secure Digital flashcard. (note: this project is about the s1mp3 player, NOT the Sigmatel ones ;) )

What type is my player?

Remember, for the right firmware, you'll have to open your player and take note of the board ID number. Just categorization won't help. You can check out all the known S1mp3 types here.

How can I work out your model name of my s1mp3?

Most S1mp3 come as unbranded and even the ones that have a model name on the case aren't uniquely identified by this information. The only reliable information to identify a player is the board ID.