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My button configuration is swapped, how to fix?

See How to fix button configuration(link)

How do I change the battery type from 1,5V to 1,2V - rechargeable?

A program called "Fw modifyer", can do the job, available on Fw modifer. Dump your firmware using s1fwx(Fw modifer)(don't forget the upper "F"), modify it and re burn on the player. If the player refuses to accept the changes, you might have to "kill" the player with an unknown firmware and then finally flash the firmware. And this might be a hard work, that might not reward you. The only thing that changes is over the battery indicator level.

The player X looks like the player Y, can I use Y's firmware dump on X?

Only if you know that the Board ID for both players is the same. The external (brand, lookalike, firmware version) say nothing about the player internal hardware.

What does "Unknown flash type" or "flash not responding"means?

In a practical way, it means that your update program does not support your mp3 player, or the mp3 player may be running on a wrong firmware routine. To solve it, you can either change your update program or put the player in recovery mode. See the Dead recovery guide for further info.

How can I find a firmware to recover my XXXXX player?

If you really need a firmware for recovering your dead player, refer to the Find the appropriate firmware for your mp3 player(link)

I get a "device write protected, please remove write protection" when I start the FW upgrade program

Flip the hold switch! :) If it does not work, follow the Dead recovery guide(link)