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Firmwaremodify (or Fwmodify) is a software that allows the users to edit some firmwares parameters of their mp3 players also knows as S1mp3. To use this software, your S1mp3 firmware MUST be extracted and corrected. One time editing your Firmware, your modifications will be applied in your S1mp3 using a tool called MP3 Update Tool that came with your S1mp3.

Extration of firmware

The firmware MUST be extracted using a software called s1fwx. Use the following link to learn more about how to do this: (Temp:S1fwx_manual). In this instruction manual, we will see that the firmware is extracted an corrected.

Software options

The fwmodify screen shows:


The designated button allows you to chose wich firmware you want edit. In this example, we will chose: dump.bin. After this, you'll get this screen:


In these field, the more intresting is: Type of battery select, that allows you to change the battery type. Simple AAA battery is normally 1.5v alkaline battery, and the rechargeable AAA battery is 1.2v. And you can chose 3.6v battery too. This tool is great because you can use this to make your battery status calibrated. Keep in mind, that changing values to different, than they should be (inproper voltage of battery) CAN MAKE IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO YOUR BATTERY, or even MAKE IT BURN/EXPLODE in some circumstances.

Every time that we change the firmware, the mp3 will be defalted, so as the lenguage, that will be set Chinese. To set english as default, you may only change the field Menu language selecting. Many S1mp3 does not understand the change very well and stay showing the menu in chinese. In this case, try to use other values, for example Chinese(Taiwan). There's a chance that this language works as English.

A unused field is FM selectfield. If yours mp3 payer have FM radio, you can turn it off using it. If your mp3 player don't have the FM option you CAN'T use this field to enable it. In this case is a hadware problem, not software.

In the pointed button, it's possible to chose the BMP's diretory that is your mp3 animation pictures. This files MUST be named using the following example: BOOT1.BMP, BOOT2.BMP....BOOT14.BMP. Changing: slogans, animations, fonts and ícons is easyer using a tool called s1res. To learn more about this tool use the following link: Temp:S1res_manual.

The Screen contrast adjusting field, allows you to change the contrast of your S1mp3 display. You MAY use the default value, because the changes can ruin your display. This software can operate on higher values, than firmware allow to set.

The further fields is used for plug-and-play information for the correct OS detection of your S1mp3. ONLY CHANGE THIS VALUES IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG YOUR S1MP3 WILL NO BE RECOGNIZED BY THE COMPUTER

After the changes save the FW. And it's ready to be transfered to the S1mp3!

Using the modded Firmware

One time that the FW is edited and saved, it's possible to send it to the mp3 player. To do this use o tool called MP3 Update Tool. Please read the instructions of the MP3 Update Tool(Temp:Mp3_player_upgrade_tool_manual).

If you don't have this software or you don't have the mp3 player CD, you can download it in: Temp:downloads_tools.php.


The extracted FW CAN NOT BE USED IN OTHER SIMILAR SIMP3, you can only use in the dump extracted S1mp3.