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The objective of this guide is to give instructions to change the available languages in mp3 players known as s1mp3.

Currently, there is not enough information about the software of these devices to allow the creation of a translation for another language beyond those already offered in the device. So, alternative is to modify one of the existing language to the desired translation.


For any modification in the sources, we have to use 3 softwares:

Hands to work!

To start it, extract and correct firmware. If you dont know how to do that, see instructions here: Temp:S1fwx_manual.

Improving the translation

To improve the translation of some language we will use s1res (as an example, we are going to update English language). In case that you need, the complete manual of s1res is in Temp:S1res_manual. Open firmware and in the left panel, choose UI30.RES, later mstring and finally CDELALL. Screen should be like this:


In this example, 17 options exists in the right panel (Strings). Each one of them corresponds to one of the languages that device offers. In this example, third language corresponds to English. We can improve a translation modifying these "strings". In some cases, the translation is very weak and does not correspond to the language said in the country. In the case above, we could change Del. all? to All? without problems, using the field Edit, below the screen. However, if we change it to Delete all?, when saving the firmware we could have the following error message:


This happens because Delete all? contains 11 characters (counting the blank space) while Del. all? contains 9 characters. In this case it is necessary to reserve at least 2 more characters. Doing that, new translation does not generate the error. There is a "trick" for this: Choose a language that you know you never will use and erase at least 2 characters of this language. For example:


In this case we erased totally the first language, because it does not make sense to our. With this we make room for additional letters.

With this in mind, make the correction of the translation for all items contained in mstring. Save firmware and it's done.

New languages

As already said, little is known about the software of these devices to allow the creating of a translation for another language beyond those already offered by the device. So, the alternative is to modify one of the existing languages to reflects the desired translation. In case that you need to translate into a not preset language in the device, follow the script of the previous section, choosing and modifying a language that probably you never will use. After this, it can be interesting to change some things more:

  • Icon of the language:

Inside of s1res, click on UI30.RES, later icon and finally, go to section LAN. This screen appears:


There, choose the icon of the language that you want to modify. Modify this icon in agreement to the s1res manual (Temp:S1res_manual) to reflect your language. In fact, there are 2 icons to change. The other one is below the first one.

  • phrases of the language: That appears under the icon of the language, in the options of languages in the device. Click on UI30.RES, later mstrings and finally, go to section SLAN. Screen is that:


There, in all strings that make sense to you, change it to the name of the language.

Different “Languages”

Some languages have a different behavior, for example, they are writhen from the right for the left. In these cases, we can follow the described script here: Temp:Hebrew_support.

Different “Characters”

Some languages have a totally different set of characters of the available ones in the device. In this case, we can personalize these characters following the manual of s1res s1res (Temp:S1res_manual).

Using firmware edited

With edited and saved firmware, it is possible to transfer it to the mp3 player. For this, we use MP3 Update Tool. It is interesting to read the manual of the MP3 Update Tool (Temp:Mp3_player_upgrade_tool_manual), since a wrong writing can make the device unusable.

If you dont have the original compact disc that came with the mp3 player to install MP3 Update Tool, you can try using some available in Temp:downloads_tools.php.


Firmware extracted from one device cannot be used in another similiar S1mp3s, only in the device of where it was extracted from.