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This guide has the goal to help people that want to personalize firmware of the MP3 device named s1mp3. If you came to this page searching for solutions to devices with defects, please take a look here:

Procedure vision

To personalize the firmware, it's necessary:

  • s1fwx => to extract firmware of the mp3 player, and to correct it.
  • firmwaremodify and s1res => to personalize firmware.
  • MP3 Player Update Tool => to rewrite firmware.

We are going to see how to reach there, step by step.


First, a working folder must be created, for example, in c:\mp3player. It will be also necessary to download some programs:

Install the 3 first ones in the folder c:\mp3player and the last one, install in the default path of the setup program.

Hands to the work!

Connect the mp3 player in USB connector and wait to be recognized.

Firmware extration

The next step is to extract firmware from device. Call command prompt of the Windows and execute the following commands:

  • cd \mp3player => Go to the working folder.
  • s1res f dump.bin => Extract a copy of the firmware, placing it in the archive dump.bin. At this moment, a screen will be shown informing that the program dont have any guarantees. Confirm pressing any key. The program then looks for devices and presents the units where they are. Confirm again pressing the letter of the unit where the player you desire is present.
  • s1res r dump.bin => Extract firmware, leaving it in the correct format for future writing.

Now, remove mp3 player from USB connector, following the normal procedure for this. Notice that 2 archives had been created: dump.bin that contains firmware corrected and dump.bi$ which is the firmware before correction.

At this moment, the command prompt window can be closed.

Security Copy

This is the most important step. Copy dump.bin and dump.bi$ from the folder c:\mp3player to a new folder, that can be c:\original. By this way, an original copy of firmware is there if something goes wrong. It's recommended that you change the attribute of these 2 archives for read-only. You will, very probably, use these copies to return a personalization that was not so good.


Here the fun starts:

Using the program firmwaremodify, open firmware dump.bin and edit the fields that you want, as the manual: Temp:Firmwaremodify_manual. Save the firmware and exit program.

Now, using the program s1res, open firmware dump.bin and personalize it as you want. Pages that help in this task:

After this, save firmware and exit s1res.

At this moment firmware is personalized and ready to be uploaded.

Rewriting personalized firmware

Make the writing of modified firmware using MP3 Player Update Tool. In case of needing help how to do this, see the Temp:Mp3_player_upgrade_tool_guide.

Dont worry if the computer seem’s to stop at the moment of the writing. That is normal and it will "unlock" in seconds. Remove the device of USB connector. It will be showing "Starting..." during some time and later it will turn off. Turn it on again and see as it is. In case you didn't like it, use s1res to modify firmware and rewrite it again.

After the writing, some values come back toward default: Language, deep of light, etc. Configurate them again as you want. No file that was recorded in the device will be lost. Musics, voice recordings, etc, will be untouched.

For the next personalization, its not necessary to do all procedures described in this guide. Use s1res with file dump.bin that exists in folder c:\mp3player and them rewrite firmware again.

Problem found!

The firmware writing will give problem when:

  • An unexpected stop occurred during writing.
  • A power failure occured during writing.
  • Inadequate firmware used, from other device or with invalid modifications.

In this case, two things can happen:

  • Device still works: Repeat the procedure of writing with the original firmware.
  • Device is "died": In this case appeal to the original copy of the firmware and the recovery procedure, described in: Temp:docs_deadrec.php

To think about

It’s very nice to have a personalized device. Some manufacturers dont worry about this, and tools or documentation aren’t available to make personalized devices. Happily, good people exist who donate time and know-how to develop tools that allow that. So, think about this and donate a little of your time to help to improve these tools, documentations, help in forum, etc.