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This page is marked as temporary since its content will be soon moved to a proper place.

The so called "memory issue" happens when the player can't correctly detect the size of the memory chip inside the S1mp3. The most common case happens when the manufacturer marks the player and/or sets the firmware to work with a larger capacity than the memory chip inside the player supports.

Usually the symptoms are data loss, frequent restarts when playing specific songs, inability to fill the s1mp3 with data and retrieve it, and a "disk error" message, as well as memory capacity loss (from 1025MB to 128MB, for example)

The cause can be hardware, that is, a faulty/defective memory chip or software, misconfigured firmware settings.

Manufacturer cheat - the bit/bite issue

It is known that some manufacturers are altering the firmware of the player so that it incorrectly reports more storage capacity than what can actually reside on the nand flash memory chip. This is a relatively new phenonenom, and it is unclear which manufacturers are responsible.

We should also bring up the byte-bit issue. One bit(b) is a value than can be either 0 or 1. A byte(B) is a set of 8 bits. So, the byte holds 8 times as much information as a bit. So, if a product is stated as having 1 gigabit (1 Gb), it has 1000000 bits in it, what makes 1,000,000/8 = 128 MegaBYTES. 2 gigabit=256MB, 3 gigabit=384MB, 4 gigabit=512MB, 8 gigabit=1024MB or 1 gigaBYTE.

Some players who has 1Gb (Read gigabit) of capacity reports as 1GB(GigaByte) player, and, after filling up 1Gb(128MB), it will start to report 'Format error' or some other weird problems/messages. This page will help you to set your player to recognize the correct capacity of your memory chip.

Ensure what memory is actually supported

To make sure that your S1mp3 actually supports the capacity it claims, you'll have to disassemble your s1mp3(link). Look for your memory chip(photo with arrow) and note down the number. If there is more than one memory chip on the unit, take note of both of them. You can look up the real size in the table below : (table with id's and capacity)

Format it

These are simple steps you can do to attempt to correctly format your unit to the right size, assuming the problem is not hardware:

  • Format the player using the tool that came on the the latest version of the "MP3 Player Utilities", available in MP3 Player Utilities or on the download page(link). Do a complete format and don't set any encrypted drive.
  • Try the "disk management", reached at "Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> computer management". Right click the mp3 player partition, choose "format". Use "FAT" or "FAT16" (NOT FAT32!)
  • You can try a low-level format using HP formatting tool(link)

If this does not work, you can try a more risky operation:

  1. Backup your current firmware using s1fwx
  2. Uninstall any Product tool previously installed and install the 2.8 version
  3. Start product tools v 2.8
  4. Connect the s1mp3 via USB. You will get a message saying that a device was connected on product tools
  5. Start a firmware upload ("Begin download") through the Product Tools. You have to flash a firmware which will allow you to format the player. (BEWARE! This might kill your s1mp3! You might need the Dead recovery guide.)
  6. After flashing, format it
  7. Also perform a hardware formatting using the Computer management(Control panel -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management)
  8. Flash back the correct firmware for your device (the one you backed up in step 1)