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My player's screen is blank, but it works fine as a pen drive

This is probably caused by:

  • A bad solder on the display.
    • Open up the player(link) and check for bad solders on your unit.
  • A bad firmware upgrade.
    • Flash the correct firmware and the screen will work again
  • A incorrect firmware installed.
    • The current firmware isn't able to communicate correctly with the LCD controller, thus showing a complete black (CSTN Displays) or white (TFT Displays) screen. Try flashing a compatible firmware.

My player is dead!

Read the Dead recovery guide(link) with attention. Then, try to execute it. It's a default procedure and it was worked for almost everybody. Good luck!

I formatted my player, and now it doesn't work anymore, what do I do?

You probably formatted your player with the "FAT32" filesystem. the S1mp3 player uses the "FAT16" filesystem, and MOST players don't understand FAT32(some can). You can fix your player by simply reformatting it, but this time select "FAT16" in the filesystem box. Note: "FAT16" is also known as "FAT"

My s1mp3 can't work using power from batteries, but works using power from USB

  • Make sure you are using a fully charged battery.
  • Manually wire the battery to the terminals on the s1mp3, to make sure they have contact.
  • If it still does not work, you should open up the player and see if any of the battery pin is loose/broken/shorting. Clean both contacts, and check if there are any other thing on the player that may be causing the short.
  • If this does not help, then it's very likely that this is a hardware fault on the DC-DC convertor - get the player replaced with the seller.