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The player restarts displaying "format error", "I/O error" or "disk error"

On most cases, this means that your memory chip was not being correctly detected before. Please read memory issue.

The player restarts when I upload more than 128/256/512/etc MB

On most cases, this means that your memory chip was not being correctly detected before. Please read memory issue.

The player always restart after playing an specific track

On most cases, this means that your memory chip was not being correctly detected before. Please read memory issue.

I can play only the first 99 songs on the player

The player's firmware is limited to 99 files per folder. See more info here : Using the S1MP3 as a pen drive.

My S1mp3 won't play/show the music inside sub folders

The S1mp3 does not support sub folders. Read the Using the S1MP3 as an MP3 player(link)

How can i change the order that the s1mp3 plays the songs?

See how to set the playing order at Using the S1MP3 as an Music player(link).

Music I've bought won't copy/play onto the player.

This is heappening probably because the S1mp3 does not support Digital Rights Management. DMR is to be supported on the next generations of the s1mp3-type players.

I'm having "format error" on some musics that play fine on the computer

Re-encode the problematic music files using LAME. If the device also restarts, it could be the memory issue, check the troubleshooting for that too.

The mp3 player shuts down by itself all the time (shows "starting"). What to do?

Read this : How To fix the restarting issue

When playing songs (sometimes/always) there is a low "buzzing" sound in the background of the song

This has only one explanation: interference. The s1mp3 player is quite cheap hardware, so it is not shielded from interference very well. In fact, it even creates it's own interference. In some hardware versions, several of the memory data lines run along the audio lines, so every time the memory is read or written, there will be interference from the memory with the audio.

This also explains the absence of interference during radio playback (as reported sometimes): the memory isn't really used then, so there is no interference.

There is, although, a way to fix that problem , it appears to be due to a decoupling tantalum capacitor not being big enough. The capacitor is on the battery side of the board and is between the hold switch and the -ve volume button. I found that soldering another surface mount 68μF tantalum across it fixed the burbling noise on memory playback. try holding a largish (220μF) electrolytic against this capacitor's leads to see if it cures the problem , it may cause reboots due to static/whatever, but when it doesn't cause a reboot it may/should reduce the noise, if it does then try soldering in a permanent fix.

There is another solution, described in details in Temp:How_to_fix_fix_the_buzzing_problem

My s1mp3 can't access subfolders

Ensure your folders don't use any special characters. Some few s1mp3s can't access subfolders, it's a firmware flaw. This topic [1] may be of help. The only way to solve this would be to update a firmware that have this function, and curently it's not safe to do this.

Player's function

I can't use function (X). Why?

Please read our User manual(link).

The LED colors keep changing every time I press a button! How can I stop it?

On "System" menu, change the "backlight mode" option (see Configuring the S1MP3).

How do I change/add a language to my player?

See this wiki page : [2] (probably we'll put this on the main s1mp3.org page too, under the "exploring")

I get a "Hard Error" when trying to enter the FM application

If you get a "hard error", that's because your S1mp3 does not have the FM chip, or the connection between the the FM chip is broken, or you have a radio chip that is not supported by your firmware. Have your S1mp3 changed or fixed. You can open your player (link to guide) to check if an Radio chip is present.

My player can't find any FM station

The player uses the earphones cord as an antenna. Try to hold it stretched as much as you can for better reception. Sometimes, the radio signal is just not strong enough. There can also be a strong signal from a local radio station "blocking" any other stations in the area, even if normal radios receptors are working normally.

The "scan" function of my FM radio does not work or is disabled

There are some FM chips that does not support the scan mode. There doesn't seen like there is much that can be done to overcome this issue.

How can I add the FM Radio function?

If your player does not have the radio chip inside, it's impossible to add FM. If you want to check if your player can support radio (i.e, have the chip), you will have to open it. Disassemble the s1mp3(link) and look for the radio chip Philips TEA5767[FM RADIO] (it is normally the Philips TEA5767). If your player once had FM and you lost it during firmware update or you have the radio chip inside, you can use the FW modifier (see Tools) tool to add the function to a .bin file.

In order to make that, extract and repair your firmware dump using s1fwx(see s1fwx guide, link) and open your extracted firmware dump with the FW modifier. Keep a backup of your unmodified dump. Set the "FM radio" to "on" and save. Then, flash back your modified dump with the Firmware update tool(link). If you are unhappy with the results, flash back your unmodifyed firmware.

Can I change the recording date?

Yes. There is an option on system menu that let you change the system time. Note that every time the player is disconnected from a power source (you change the batteries) the time will reset.

The players works, but I get nothing on the display, just blinking lights

You have to disassemble your player(link), and re solder the capacitors near the LCD display. If it does not work, you can chage their position (1º with the 3º, and so on). Remember that this procedure is directed to working players with a non-functional display.


Which video formats does my player support and where are the converters?

Some players support the AMV format, some support the MTV format, and some support both. You can get the converters at the tools page(link)

My player plays all video files in reverse and/or upside down

Please, read the Guide to encode videos(link) to solve this problem.

How can I have a full screen 200x200 video for my 1.5" mp4 player?

Use the latest encoding tool, and inform it to use the 200x200 resolution. If you s1mp3 still clips the video while playing it, your current firmware does not support full screen mode.