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My player has always a bit less memory available then it claims. Why?

This is normal and happens with all the S1MP3 players. The firmware reserves a "small" (up to 20MB) portion of the flash memory to system usage.

The player memory decreased after formatting (ex. 512MB->128MB)

On most cases, this means that your memory chip was not being correctly detected before. Please read memory issue.

The data on the player's memory gets corrupted

On most cases, this means that the memory chip on your player is being wrongly detected. Please read memory issue.

Drivers and recognition

I can't get the PC to recognize it, no matter what!

Please, try the procedure described in Install drivers and make windows detect the player(link).

My player don't work when connected to the USB port, but works with batteries

First, check the cables, eliminate then, if possible. Then, test the USB port with other USB hosts, to ensure the problem is at the motherboard side.

If cables and motherboard are ok, probably there is something wrong with the USB connector on the S1mp3. Open it and check for dust, clean it, and check the solders on the USB connectors.

If any of these helps, probably your ATJ20xx chip is physically damaged, get it replaced with the seller.

Where can I find the adfuud.sys file?

This driver is found at the installation folder of the "Mp3 Player Utility". See Install drivers and make windows detect the player(link) for more help. See also AdfuUd

My device is at "ADFU server" mode and I can't access it using windows

This means that your player is at the the recovery mode. You should now pick a firmware for your player and recover it. For more help, see our dead device recovery guide: Find the appropriate firmware for your mp3 player(link).


I can't read or record on the player, because the device is write protected

Flip the hold switch. If it does not work, follow the Dead recovery guide(link)

Batteries Charging

My battery won't charge

If your player has a on/off switch, make sure the switch is at the "on" position. If this does not help, then you probably have a player with a dead battery - the only way is to replace it.

My internal rechargeable battery is dead, can I replace it?

Of course! But make sure to check the voltage, use the same voltage your older battery has!