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Our mission

S1mp3.org is a project that aims for allowing the best utilization (or experience? What is the best word?) possible on the devices known as "S1 Mp3 Player", or "S1mp3". See About S1mp3

To accomplish this mission, we count on two enviroments : research and development, and end user support. The objective is to research, develop, and to perfect new solutions to the s1mp3, and allow end users, even those without technical knowledge, to use these solutions, modifying the features on the device to his own taste and solving eventual problems resulting from the usage of the device.

The development and research environment

The development and research environment rely on the wiki, the mail list, and the IRC channel.

The wiki is a technical information database, build and reviewed on a collaborative way. All the information turned to the developers are maintained on the wiki.

The mail list is the main form of communication between the development team. On the list, the works are proposed, exposed.

The IRC channel, #s1mp3, is a place where the developers can talk and discuss about subjects related to the project.

The main subject of the team's work is Swan, an open source firmware that will replace the manufacturer firmware, for a complete reprogramming and optimization of the system, allowing users all the imaginable possibilities of the s1mp3. For more information, see "About Swan".

Another project in development is the S1ICE, which aims allowing the programmer a complete control of the hardware, and also recovering dead players.

The end user support environment

The end user support environment is build up of this site and of the web forum.

The site aims showing, with a simple language, all the relevant information for the end user. There are FAQ's and manuals that guide the reader to use, fix, modify and explore his device. A themes database that can be used on the device to show the visual of the system according to the user taste is also available.

The forum is a place to meet, discuss and unite the user community, and provide help to solve problems.

The project is FREE

Our work is available on the FreeBSD license, what makes our work truly free to be used on the most convenient way for anyone.

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