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This page is marked as temporary since its content will be soon moved to a proper place.

Extract and Backup

Get s1fwx, back up your firmware, then repair it:

s1fwx.exe f dump.bin
s1fwx.exe r dump.bin

(don't delete dump.bi$ cause this is your backup).


Open it using s1res, go to ascii.bin -> font 8x8 -> data and export it as font.bmp.

Analizing several firmwares, it was found that there were 2 versions of this font.bmp file. The first is big and the second is small. There are marks to show you what was changed in order to support Hebrew.

  • red - this is the chars we see instead of hebrew.
  • yellow - this is an ugly font of hebrew (That was changed)
  • blue - the hebrew font that was inserted.

The fonts can be downloaded here : [1]

Other type of Hebrew fonts can be download Here [2] If one of the font files fits to your FW version (if it's the same size)... change the color of the mark and use this file and import it to your firmware file.

Finally, save the moded file as dump.bin.

If you have another FW version

  1. take a look at your font.bmp
  2. find the matching sequence (which I marked with red in the file)
  3. replace them with hebrew letters marked with blue
  4. post your work on the forum

(you can use a simple image editor like paint ) Save and import it to dump.bin as well.

Burn it to the player

Open the "mp3 player update tool"(this is the software that you have on the disc when you get your player), select the modded dump.bin, and update your player.

Left to write flip

i) Your player reads the song's name from left to right and hebrew is right to left. That's why you have to flip the name of your files. a software like that can be downloaded here :

https://host12.apollohosting.com/pcandgo/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/flipname101.exe (if the link don't work search it here http://www.pcandgo.com )

Remember to delete the ID3 tags of your hebrew music files cause the software doesn't flip the information on the ID3 tags.

that's it ... check your player ... you can see hebrew !!!


  • ronca79 at [3]. Content was wikified by the s1mp3.org crew.