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S1res is a software to edit image and text from manufacturer's firmwares for devices known as s1mp3. It was developed and is maintained by wiRe(http://www.s1mp3.de). You can edit animations for startup, shutdown, fonts, icons, sprites, and translations. To use this program, first extract your firmware with Temp:S1fwx manual. Once your firmware is edited, the modifications are applied by flashing the modified firmware into the s1mp3, using the MP3 Update Tool.

Using S1res

The s1res software offers the File and Help options on the menu.

Use the File menu for the following operations :

  • Open : Opens a firmware file for edition.
  • Close : The firmware that was opened for edition.
  • Save : Saves the firmware being edited.
  • Save As : Saves the firmware being edited with another name.
  • Exit : Closes S1res.

The Help option will only show the program version and the developer's site.

This is the screenshot of the program:



  • A : Used to edit the Fonts.
  • B : Used to edit the Shutdown Animation.
  • C : Used to edit the Startup animation.
  • D : Used to edit Sprites, Icons, and Translations.

Firmware edition


When you click to edit Fonts, you'll get this screen:


"Preview" shows a characters map.


  • Import Button: Imports a map from an external BMP file. You can import maps from http://www.s1mp3.org/en/downloads_gallery.php with this option.
  • Export Button: Saves this character map to a .BMP file, so you can edit it with a graphic application (eg. Gimp), or to import this later on another device.

Note that the characters(on the lower part) are formed by two cells, one after the other. Place one cell over the other and the character is formed. For languages with that has it's characters mapped incorrectly, this table shall be modified using a graphic application (eg. Gimp). In order to do that, export the character map, edit it with the graphic application, and import it back to S1res.

Shutdown animation

When you click to edit the shutdown animation, you'll get this screen:


This sections contains some frames (from 6 to 16, depends on the firmware structure), that are shown one by one(generating a motion impression) when the device is shutting down.

You can edit or create the frames manually. This may be very hard, since it's in most of time a Pixel art work.


  • Import button: Imports the frame from an external bmp file. You can import some animations from http://www.s1mp3.org/en/downloads_gallery.php with that option.
  • Export button: Exports the frame for future edition with a graphic application, or to transfer to another device.
  • Clear button: Clears the content of the frame. All pixels are cleared.
  • Invert button: Inverts the content of the frame. Cleared pixels are turned on and vice-verse.
  • Direction buttons (Move): These 4 buttons move the frame. While moving, new lines or rows will be generated on the opposite side of the movement.
  • Zoom ruler (Zoom): Zooms it or out, for best viewing/editing the frame.

Startup animation

When you click to edit the startup animation, you'll get this screen:


This section contains 14 frames, that are shown one by one when the device is turned on, generating a movement illusion. The functioning is identical to the one of the disconnection. see the previous section for more details. Important detail: In the shown screen, notices that the tenth frame (BOOT10) comes after the first frame (BOOT1). However, at the moment of the animation, the frames are read orderly numerical, or either, after frame BOOT1, will be shown the frame BOOT2 and not the frame BOOT10. Be aware of this at the moment to create or to import frames.

Icon’s, logos and translation for diverse languages

When selected, this item shows the screen below:


Here exist 3 importants itens:

  • icon: It contains the icons of the S1mp3. Can be modified in similar way to the animations of disconnection. See that section for more details.
  • logo: It contains logos (or screens) of the S1mp3. Can be modified in similar way to the animations of disconnection. See that section for more details.
  • mstring: It contains the translation for each one of the phrases or lines in the device. See below with more details in the screen:


Each one of the lines in the right (Strings) represents one of the available languages in the device. To make the edition of the translation, click in the desired language (discover which is looking at the translations or make a relation with the list in the device) and edit soon the writing in the field "Edit" below.

Important detail: When the size of the translation in characters is increased, can be gotten the following message when saving firmware edited:


To prevent this problem, a "trick" exists. In the screen above, the edition was with 4 characters more than the original. It is enough to erase at least 4 characters of some of the other languages. Normally that one that never will be used. See as it become:


In this it’s been extinguished the writings of the second language, that did not make sense for our team. With this, it was set free space for the 4 characters that we needed.

Using firmware edited

At the time that firmware is edited and saved, is possible to transfer it to mp3 to player. For that the program MP3 Update Tool is used. It is interesting to read the manual of the MP3 Update Tool(link), since a wrong writing can make the device unusable. In case that if it does not have the orginal compact disc that it came with mp3 Player, you can trie some available copies in http://s1mp3.org/en/downloads_tools.php.

Well-taken care of

Firmware extracted of a device cannot be used in other similars S1mp3s , only in the device where it was extracted of.