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Swan is a project which aims to completely replace the S1mp3 firmware with an open source alternative. This will allow users to add any features they can imagine.

See Development(link) for more information about our development efforts and for how to join us.

About the name

The "Swan" name was derived from the pronunciation of "S1" (S one -> [S wan] -> Swan). The comparison between a simple duckling maturing into a gracious, powerful swan hasn't escaped us either.

Planned features

Automated Installation Process

One firmware for all - To remove any risk during the installation or upgrade, the process will be controlled and monitored by a user-friendly and intelligent PC utility. This means that no matter which player the user owns, he always downloads the same SWAN Firmware Installation Program.

Easy Updates

New Applications may be added by simply dropping the Application into the system folder on The Player.


The system will be fully skinnable and configurable by means of a plain text configuration file.

While Playing Screen (WPS)

When an audio file is being played, a screen displaying details about the track will be displayed. This screen is user configurable and can display information such as: Tag information from ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2; bitrate; channel information; time elapsed; peak meter; etc.


The Swan firmware will work on a different concept - the WPS will always run. When music is playing the user may execute any Application without disturbing playback. By example, a user may listen to music while playing a game or reading an eBook, and easily switch between the WPS and the application.


Applications which add visual or audio functionality to The Player. Such as 'Synchronised Lyrics Display' ('Karaoke Mode') or 'Graphical Visualisations'. Plugins will not be directly executed by The User, but by the Kernel, based upon the data stream being decoded, and the way in which The User has configured The SWAN Firmware to behave.

Speech Interface

It will be possible to enable speech-guided Menu and Music navigation. This is especially useful for in-car entertainment or to offer accessibility to blind users.

Player Customisation

All basic behaviours of The Player will be controllable from a plain text file on The Player. This will include such options as: Startup Application (AppMain); Default Play Mode; Language; Screen Contrast; Power-on Volume; etc.

Scripting Language

The SWAN Firmware will offer an user-friendly Scripting Language. This will allow The User to write simple Applications without learning 'C' or Z80 Assembler.

Audio File Formats

We will support as many audio formats as possible. The list will depend on a number of factors. At present we expect to include full support for the following list: WAV; ADPCM; FLAC MOD; XM; S3M; FAR; MPG Layer 2 (MP2)