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Standard (and most common) USB Male Connectors

from left to right (all MALE), types: A, B, Mini-A and Mini-B (4pins)

In general, the A types are used in hosts (computers), and type B in slaves (devices).

In big hardware (desktop PC, printer) normal type is used (A and B, respectively). In small hardware (laptop, camera) the MINI type is used (Mini-A and Mini-B, respectively).

"Semi-Standard" USB Male Connectors

Nevertheless, a number of other non-standard USB ports/connectors are used in small devices like portable mp3 players eg. the s1mp3, usually in slave mode (so, like a "non-standard Mini-B").

Here are some examples:

"Semi-standard" Mini-B with one and two grooves (almost identical, used in my MP4 player and on some Aiptek Cameras, respectively).
Yet another non-standard Mini-B

Now, it seems like 99% of small devices use the standard Mini-B or the "Aiptek" Mini-B, this last one being the case of some(or most of ??) S1mp3s.