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What is this?

To encode a video is: Format a video source in a determinated type of data in order to be read(decoded) by a player.
Most formats are compressed ones, which means you'll have some loss of quality. The others which are not compressed provides a image/audio without loss.
To figure out this we'll use a daily example on our lives: When you press Print Screen you're capturing(and enconding) all the pixels displayed on your monitor(who are decoded, on another words, understandable), these ones can be read on the famous "Paint Brush" for instance, and then saved on the bigger lossless BMP files(an uncompressed format) or the smaller and lossy JPEG(a compressed format).

The MP3 Tools Decoder/Encoder


The MP3 Tools includes a decoder called AMV Video Player, and a encoder named AMV Video Convert Tool wich will able you to watch AMV files on your computer and compress then to play into a S1MP3 Video Player(MP4) respectively. Both ones were badly translated, so we're developing a correct language file.

The Amv Player
The AMV Converter(Encoder)


You'll need DirectX 9.0 and Windows Media Player 9.0 installed on your computer beyond the necessary codecs, wich ones can be found into ffdshow codecs pack. So you must have Windows or a simulated Kernel Module running at Linux. I was almost forgetting, you'll need a computer! lol :D

The Process

Encoding a video file with the AMV Convert Tool is really easy, as you'll see below.

  • First, open it from your Start menu -> Programs -> MP3 Tools 3.68 -> AMV Convert Tool

Start menu amv.png

  • Then select the video file you want to convert, the Input File

Amv in.png

  • After you have selected the Input File, you will now choose where you'd like to save you AMV video file.

Amv out.png

  • Afterwards select the video files on the list like the image below,
    Amv ft.png

and then open the Property Settings panel by clicking the blue cog.Amv cog.png

  • In the Property Setting panel you will now choose the settings that best fits into your player:
The Property Setting Panel
  • The Video Settings:
    1. Amv mv res.png
      If you have a 1.8' player, change the resolution to 128x128. For a 1.5' one change it to 128x96, and 96x94 for a 1.2' screen.
    2. Amv mv fps.png
      On the FPS control you shouldn't use the medium option, since it makes your movie jumps every second. So, if you want a smaller movie choose low instead. Use the high option for movies with fast motions in order to obtain the minimum image change loss.
    3. Amv mv iq.png
      This box show the levels of compression: If you want the best image set it to high; For a better image conserving smaller sizes choose medium; For the minimum size change it to low.
    4. Amv mv if.png
      The Image focus sets how you'll want to capture the image, there are four modes:
      Mode0: The image will be reduced by it's source defined height(contending the proportion) and then clipped left and right to fit the width you have already chosen;
      Mode1: The image will be reduced by it's source defined height(contending the proportion) and then compressed horizontally to fit the width you have already chosen(this mode might cause distortion);
      Mode2: The image will be reduced(mantaining the porportion) on it's height and width and then clipped vertically and horizontally in order to obtain a clear image;
      Mode3: The image will be reduced in the box mode, in other words, the image is wrapped to fit a bigger box, and then masked by a smaller one.
    5. Amv inp.png According the aplication programmer this function was not activated yet. However, keep it marked.
  • The Audio Settings:
    1. Amv sd sq.png This choice box will be disabled due to the audio encoder doesn't be capable(programmed) to reach higher frequencies and so your player.
    2. Amv sd st.png If you want to substitute the original movie audio, you have to use a WAV source. If you don't have a WAV file, use an audio conversor/editor to obtain it.
    3. Amv sd is.png According the aplication programmer this function was not activated yet. However, keep it unmarked.
  • After you have selected the configurations that best fit on your player press OK.
  • Now just click the Begin button to begin the process.
    Amv stc.png
  • When the progress bar reaches 100% the encoding will be done and the AMV Player will open and play your converted files.

Optimizating your video file using Virtual Dub

Virutal Dub interface

Virtual Dub is a free open source video encoder which provides you a better video adjusting. Using this program is worth because the AMV Convert Tool doesn't have a good FPS converter, nor a image cropper, sharpener, and more related video stuff.

Setting the FPS

To avoid laggy videos on your player, setting the FPS may offer a better quality.
First, click Video from the upper menu and then Frame Rate .

--Abner 10:51, 27 July 2006 (CDT)

Then Select the same fps of converter (high: 16fps

medium: 12fps
low: 8fps)

Now encode the movie in virtualdub and then in amv Converter