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Areas you can contribute with

Available jobs

Check Help wanted for the latest specific tasks.

Get in touch

Subscribe to our mailing list, mail us your interests, your experience and the tasks you would like to work on. Then feel free to add yourself on the Members list page.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in our software, please report it using or Trac ticketing system. For best results, make sure you submit the bug report under the correct project. Bugs in Swan should be reported here, and bugs in other tools here. Please remember to include the following information in your report:

  • Operating system
  • Software version
  • A description of how to reproduce the problem


In order to work on our software, you will first need to set up a development system. You can then check out the latest source code from our repositories. Before submitting patches, please ensure that your code meets with our Code conventions.

Each working set of our repository has its group of maintainers with write access. If someone is working on the repository, the maintainer will give him write access. It's up to the maintainer to choose who will/won't have write access.

Hardware research

We have many Development tools available to help hardware researchers. If you have discovered something new about the workings of S1MP3 hardware, please post your finding on our development mailing list, and/or update the relevant pages in our knowledge base. The Help wanted page lists the areas where more research is needed.

Wiki editing

If you want to help by editing the wiki (as opposed to adding new content, also a good way to contribute), please start by reading Talk:Main Page to ensure you understand how our wiki is (supposed to be) organized. Then take a look at Category:Pages that need work and Special:DoubleRedirects

Paypal donation

Click here to donate and support the project: Donate via PayPal. Your contribution will be used to buy sample hardware for our developers, pay our hostings fees, and maybe hire personal to work on key tasks.

Hardware donation

If you have a broken S1mp3, it would be surely useful for debugging. Please, send an email to for information on how to get it shipped to the developer nearest to where you live :)

See also

  • Projects - An overview of all the areas of our project.
  • Resources - Full list of all developer resources available.
  • Repositories - A quick introduction to our code management.