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S1mp3s are a very broad class of portable media players. You can know if your device is an S1mp3 if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • If it's pen-drive like, it has 7 different backlight colours.
  • S1fwx or MP3 Player Update Tool can connect to it. (see software tools)
  • Windows detects it as an "ADFU device" (see USB modes).
  • When you open the case there is an ATJ2085 or ATJ2051 or AMP2085 chip inside, or any other from the ATJ family.
  • When the sales package comes with CD for firmware update and driver, check if you can find the AdfuUpdate.inf file on the CD.

You could also compare your player with the ones at the s1mp3 types or S1mp3 device database, althought by only visually comparing you can't be 100% sure, it can be a sigmatel player too.

If your player is an S1mp3, welcome to the club! Don't forget to check if your player is already listed on the S1mp3 device database. If it's not, include it there!

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