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Project resources at a glance.

Mailing Lists

Subscribe to any of our lists or view archives.


All project planning and discussion takes place on our main list, s1mp3-dev.

The mailing list is currently offline. You can still browse the archives for past discussions. The current way to reach the developer team is through the IRC channel.


We have an IRC channel, #s1mp3, for live discussion.

Public web presence

  • - main web page, content focused on end-user of the s1mp3 devices
  • - this wiki
  • - web forum, phpBB-based. It's a high-traffic forum, but unfortunately posters are much more concerned about getting support on issues which are already documented than helping with project research.
  • Wire's - wiRe's development page about s1fwx and s1res
  • yahoo group - We started talking using the yahoo groups mailing list. Now it's kept for historical purposes.