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s1ice is a small software library that will allow - with the proper hardware - to flash the internal firmware without USB access. It will also repair dead s1mp3 players damaged by a wrong firmware update.

Read below and S1ice/Research, we would be glad to see experts joining our efforts.

Current version

S1ICE library version 0.2 and is released on SourceForge.net

S1ICE frontend is version 0.6.1 and is compatible with the JD-ICE v0.3 hardware.


You can always download the latest release of the frontend from:

Location 1(sf.net): http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=165691

Location 2(s1mp3.org): http://www.s1mp3.org/files/unstable/s1ice/s1ice.7z (version 0.6.1)

You can download the source code of the s1ice library from:


Release notes

This is just a preliminary version of s1ice, however you can test your JD-ICE interface through the frontend tool. No documentation is yet written but there are hovering hints througout the controls.

See ICE how to for building your own JD-ICE interface.

Currently supported features:

  • linux binding for the library
  • parallel port read/write for generic IO test
  • specific bit writing/reading for the JD-ICE interface
  • ATJ2085 ICE connection test

You can freely redistribute this program, but first read LICENSE.TXT.


You can get in touch with the group members through:

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